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Projects In Progress

Student Study Lounges
Residence Hall
Boston, MA

The proposed project will retro-fit existing open (lobby) spaces into private and semi-private student lounge spaces.  The existing areas are currently open to public areas and the need for additional private and semi-private study spaces is warranted.  The design of the new spaces need to be both functional and compliment the existing aesthetics of this beautiful apartment style residence hall at a high profile Boston College.

The use of interior glass curtain walls, butt-glazed interior partitions and continuation of existing finishes and furniture will ensure that the original design intent for the building is maintained.  The design will mesh seamlessly with the existing conditions in a manor that the new lounges will be perceived as part of the original designed result while at the same time providing the needed functional requirements.

There are currently two different schemes being proposed and reviewed by the clients.

  • One scheme provides a total separation at the lower level with interior glass curtain wall and glass/aluminum entry doors.  The second level will have an open glass railing that will overlook the lower level.

  • Another scheme provides a half height butt-glazed glass partition system on the lower level resulting in a semi-private study lounge on the lower level.  The second level will have a full height butt-glazed interior partition that separates the lower level lounge from the upper level.  This will provide a private study lounge on the second level.

Project Information:

  • Square Footage: 2,100 +/- S.F.

  • Materials: Interior Glass Curtain Walls, Glass Entry Systems, Carpet In-lays, LED Lighting

  • Project Type: Student/Resident Study Lounge Spaces (Residence Hall)

  • Cost: Withheld

Residence Hall - Study Lounge-1.jpg
Residence Hall - Study Lounge-2.jpg

List of Project Locations

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