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Projects In Progress

Waterfront Home
Onset, MA

The existing modern style home is located less than 50 feet from the water and has it's own beach with a deep water dock.  The owner would like to utilize the existing flat roof to entertain and take advantage of the breath taking views.  The new roof terrace will be accessed by a cutting edge sliding glass box via new staircase.  The roof terrace will have an undulating stone bar with built-in grill and cabinetry.  There will be integral seating within the mahogany decking along with a dedicated gaming area (cornhole court).  To soften the "hardscape" of the roof terrace, strategically placed green vegetation (sedum grass) will be sprinkled throughout.

The roof terrace is "Phase 1" of renovations to the existing home.  Replacing of existing glass and a re-design to the existing sunroom on the south side will be implemented with a "Phase 2" scope of work.


Project Information:

  • Square Footage: 2,000 +/- S.F.

  • Materials: Mahogany Decking, Granite, Vegitation & Sliding Glass Access Enclosure

  • Project Type: Exterior Roof Terrace, Outdoor Kitchen & Bar

  • Cost: Withheld

Roof Decks Design - Onset-Ocean Front-1.
Roof Decks Design - Onset-Ocean Front-2.

List of Project Locations

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